Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Maid of honour....walk of shame

Talk about scary!
The choosing of the bridesmaids dresses can be both a terrifying choice for the bride: will they like the dress/ will it fit and suit everyone/will they still be my friend afterwards and for the bridesmaids: what was she thinking/ mauve is sooo not my colour/ the other maids look better in their dresses than me!
I can't imagine these ladies liked their choice, hence the pixelated faces!

Ooo, southern belles indeed!

Here's a few ideas I LOVE for those fabulous best friends in frocks!

I love how these bridesmaids although dressed in different colours the style, accessories and cowboy boots all match! Sooo sweet and shows the individuality of the maids which I think is fun and cute!

If your maids are to be dressed the same why not dress them like rock stars like these hotties! They look like a 1960's girl band with hidden mics in their bouquets! Rock on!

If the dresses match why not mix up the style of shoe like in this gorgeous pic. How sweet and I love how the red pops out against the feminine muted dresses. Very stylish!

What better way to compliment the fab bouquets than having the dresses match! I love how the dresses look like they were made for the flowers, like a magical extension of the fabric! How romantic!

These lovelies are my sisters and bridesmaids, I wanted to make sure they felt comfy and confident in their dresses. Aimie on the left had just had a baby and felt abit body conscious so we decided that she'd wear a dress she already had. For Kate on the right we designed and made her dress with a Greek goddess in mind and I love how it turned out. She had little gold sandles and I made her tiara complete with little gold wings!

What did your bridesmaids wear? Did they choose with you? And if your soon to be married how are you choosing yours? Is it colour before style? I'd love to know!

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