Thursday, 27 October 2011

Popping the BIG Question!

When and how to pop the big question is a huge deal to a lot of us.
What ring to get, will if fit, is there a way to sneaky find out their ring size without them getting suspicious!
Also the matter of tradition, should the guy always ask?
I'm not one for tradition myself and had been, let's just say very keen on getting married to Jonathan for quite some time but when he proposed to me on my birthday at the beautiful Hampton Court it was a big shock! I was shocked that he actually wanted to marry me and that he finally asked!
My sister and her boyfriend came along for the day and we were taking pictures by the fountain, pretending to be in a issue of Vogue in the 1960's when Jonathan asked if we could have our picture took and this is what happened!

It was very unexpected and I was in sooooo much shock. When he said those words, "will you marry me" I started crying and he thought I was going to say no! How silly!
It was really nice to have my sister there too as she had no idea of what was happening and it was great to have the moment in photographs to keep for ever!

So here's some amazing and inspiring ways to pop the question!

Got a good proposal story? I'd love to hear it!

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Friday, 14 October 2011

When You Wish Upon A Star...Guest post by Fit For a Queen

Here at I Love Crafty Weddings we like to delve into every aspect of a brides wedding dreams so here's some fairytale ideas from the lovely Fit for a Queen events planning.

Remember when you used to dream of a wedding that Cinderella would be proud of? Or those amazing dresses your Barbie used to wear when you arranged her wedding to Ken? Well now you really can make those dreams a reality!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found out that both Disney and Barbie now do bridal ranges! I was actually searching for an unusual princess style dress for one of my best friends weddings, when I came across these delightful dresses, that are both stylish (in their own right!) and incredibly fun!!

Cinderella Wedding Dress by Disney
This got me thinking... How far would you be able to go to get the fairytale wedding we all dreamed of as little girls? Well, it seems we can now have everything we’ve ever dreamed of! Disney not only offer beautiful gowns and jewellery in the style of your favourite Disney Princess, but you can also have your nuptials in Disneyland Paris, Disneyworld Florida, or on a Disney Cruise... And yes that means it’s completely possible to have your wedding at the foot of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle! Alternatively you can have a beautiful service in one of their other gorgeous venues.

If you prefer something more quirky then the Barbie Bridal range is definitely for you!! In a range of soft, pastel hues, or the striking pink and black you instantly associate with Barbie, these dresses are the most eye-catching I’ve ever seen! There’s even a range of Grooms Wear so that you and your very own Ken can have the perfect matching wedding outfits!

Barbie Wedding Dress Range
And why stop at princess gowns? With sparkles, ruffles, lace, and feathered accessories being so easily available nowadays, you can turn almost any venue into a palace that would impress any princess! Castles and stately homes are the obvious choice for this theme, however, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be possible to turn a grand hotel, or beautiful park setting into gorgeous surroundings for you to start your very own Happily Ever After.

There are also hundreds of options when it comes to choosing your cake. From soft pinks and creams, vibrant yellows, and candied colours, to rich chocolates, almost any flavour, colour, or design, can be incorporated into your wedding cake. With the current trends leaning towards cupcakes, there are also lots of other tasty treats to consider, such as macaroons and truffles, as well as the traditional tiered cake, which can be designed to match your wedding colour and theme.

After all, you’re supposed to be The Fairest of Them All on your wedding day!!

To look at move lovely ideas like this take a look at Fit for a Queen Events Planning.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Wedding Interview - Choccywoccydoodah

Bespoke handmade chocolate cakes and wedding favors!

I've been a BIG fan of the chocolate shop Choccywoccydoodah for years now after having some of their gorgeous chocolates at my own wedding! I was very lucky when they agreed to answer some of my questions so here's a little insight into the amazing, inventive world of Choccywoccydoodah.
Here's some of my favorite cakes to start with:

All You Need is Love Cake - An incredible and elaborate cake. Enrobed in white Belgian chocolate coating and featuring the truest message ever said 'All you need is love'. All in chocolate. Of course. Viva Las Vegas Love Chapel Cake - A towering three tier cake which will provide up to 180 portions. This glitzy cake is enrobed in dark Belgian chocolate coating, detailed with the Las Vegas Love Chapel, casino chips, playing cards, dice, and finished with 'neon lights'. Viva Las Vegas!

Three Tier Vortex Cake - A towering three tier cake which will provide up to 180 portions. Available in white, dark or a mixture of both, Belgian chocolate coatings.Not for the fainthearted.
Gatekeeper Cake - A towering three tier cake which provides up to 180 portions. This feminine cake is enrobed in white Belgian chocolate coating and detailed with vintage pink roses, peonies, lisianthus, aquilegia and gatekeeper butterfly.My Best Friend Cake - A joyful two tier cake which will provide 120 portions, enrobed in white Belgian chocolate coating with a dark chocolate runover. Finished with two irresistable, solid chocolate, West Highland terrier puppies and pink chocolate hearts.

Chocolate Westie Puppy favor - This cute westie puppy is made from solid white chocolate and is looking for a good home. Can you help?

Your wedding cakes are so beautiful and unique, what got you into making them?
The cakes were first created as birthday cakes for the small chocolate shop, then somebody asked if Christine (the boss and genius behind it all) could make a wedding cake, which she did and from that the whole cake side of the business grew.
Love Love Love Cake - An distinctive, petite three tier cake which provides 80 -100 coffee sized portions. Detailed with glittery pink roses and 'Love Love Love' in pink and black chocolate.

Where do you get your inspiration for your amazing cakes?
Christine takes influence from all around, from her favourite artists like Dali and her favourite film directors like Tim Burton.

It looks like you could make anything! What's the favorite you've made?
We put a lot of love into everything we make, the huge show stopping window displays are always spectacular.

When do you think a couple should be ordering a cake? ie. when they've booked a venue?
It is good for the couple to have an idea of numbers, themes, flowers and colours, it helps when designing something unique for them.
Choccywoccydoodah specialise in designing and creating extraordinary, decadent, bespoke cakes and sculptures. If you are celebrating any special occasion, we would love to design something unique especially for you.

How long does the process take from design to delivery?
Some couples order years in advance while some leave it right to the last minute, which isn’t recommended as we do get fully booked during the busy months.

Do most cakes get delivered on the day?
We never deliver a wedding cake on the day of a wedding, far too much risk, we like the cake to be safely at the venue a day or so before the event.

Whats the most popular one at the moment?
Our iconic towering rococco tier cake, all white chocolate with white chocolate roses is a perennial classic.
Towering Rococco Tiers - iconic classic, these three towering tiers will provide up to 180 portions of cake. Enrobed in white Belgian chocolate coating and detailed with hand made white chocolate roses.

You also make chocolate wedding favors, whats your favorite?
Our solid chocolate lovebirds with glittery red hearts are beautiful.
White Chocolate Love Bird Favors

What would be your dream cake to make?
A cake for Vivienne Westwood in the most rock n roll of all styles.

For more chocolaty goodness take a look at

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Oh Mr Darcy!

Last night I watched "Don't tell the Bride" you can watch it here and the theme for the wedding was Pride and Prejudice. It was so touching and sweet so I was inspired to write a post about marrying your MR DARCY!!!
Here's a bit of advice:

So once you catch your Mr Darcy here's how to get married in stlye!
Ooo Mr DarcyYour dress should be beautiful, simple and feminine. Why show off when you ARE that gorgeous!
Invite your guests in stlye with these personalised profile portraits to show it was meant to be!
For your flowers go delicate and feminine, lavender will look and smell magically elegant.
Be creative with the confetti, use an old copy of the book, go mad with a heart shaped hole punch and there you have it, desperately romantic confetti that tells a story!Use quotes from the book to help narrate your perfect day. Dress the venue in light linens, embroidery and busts! Quite spectacular!
Be dainty with the tables, fine china accompanied by delicate flowers and mini busts. Be romantic with the cake, your Darcy will love it!
And what to get Mr and Mrs Darcy as a wedding present? Why not this gorgeous Framed art with Pride and Prejudice butterflies! From Terror Dome

"You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on."-Mr. Darcy


Friday, 23 September 2011

Wedding Lingerie - Interview with Miss Jones

Personally, finding gorgeous, tasteful, romantic and sensual wedding lingerie is such a task! When it came to my own, I typed "wedding lingerie" and "honeymoon lingerie" into google and was bombarded by lots of tacky, cheap looking white lacy horrid things! I was after something simply beautifully sexy, something that would make me feel special rather than cheap and nasty!
So how happy was I when I came across Bristol based designer
Miss Jones who has her own Wedding Lingerie collection! Whoop! I had to meet her and ask her some important questions over cocktails!
Me: How did you start designing wedding lingerie?
I started 4 years ago in costume design. I made and designed lots of menswear which was quite standard and normal whereas I loved making the more delicate, pretty, girly things such as embroidery and corsets. I also enjoyed the more decorative garments with their different layers of textiles. Then I started making high end garters for brides to be, I loved making them feel like family heirlooms to be, treasures, keepsakes in a box as well as a flash of secret naughtiness!

"It's nice to feel like your creating a moment for someone."

Me: What inspires you about wedding lingerie?
Creating a moment for a couple, something they'll never forget! Helping a bride feel comfortable, sexy, sensual and importantly, herself and the confidence that comes with that.
Me: What were your inspirations for for the Bridal collections?
For Rosalind I was inspired by vintage fabrics, lace, English romance, opulent gold and the beauty of the English rose.
The Scarlet collection is not part of the classic Bridal range but is perfect for sensual wedding lingerie. Red 100% silk, it becomes like skin, warm and gorgeous to touch, which of course is very important.

"Often when designing I'm thinking how the garment comes off!"Red and pink are a fabulously romantic mix, they create a beautiful rose effect but its very important to get the right red, deep and bright. Red lace can look cheap if not the right shade, I get mine from Paris, its fabulous!
Me: What's your favorite piece in the collection?
I love the pasties. (nipple tassels) they are sweet, cheeky, an unexpected surprise! Not every bride wants to be traditional in her choices so these are a lot of fun!

Me: What tips do you have when it comes to choosing the perfect lingerie?
Think about the daytime and all the things you'll be doing so think supportive, a good foundation which is affective with dress. Don't leave the decision to the last minute, feel comfortable but controlled. For the night time think of it as a different mood, go flirty, light and gorgeous. Make the evening a different moment, that "I'm going to change into something more comfortable." Its a one off, never again moment so treasure it!

Me: Is there anything brides should be aware of when trying lingerie on with the dress?
White can show under dresses so flesh coloured underwear is the best way to go.
Invest in a really good strapless bra for under a strapless dresses, keep comfy and confident.
For a larger bust go for jewelled straps, celebrate the fact you need straps and flatter yourself!

Me: How do you think a bride should feel when trying on wedding lingerie?
"They should gasp! Feel beautiful, sexy, sensual, indulgent and opulent."
You should plan when your going to change into your "special" lingerie, look forward to it,
it's your little secret for later and for your partner. That extra surprise will help make the ultimate romantic moment for you to share with your lover.

Me: Do you make things to order?
Yes, the lingerie can be made especially for you, when I'm making something to order I tend to think about the couple as I make it! I can also customise handkerchiefs for men with their initials and date embroidered in the corner. It's the little bespoke details that help to make the day that extra bit special. Also, I made a tartan garter for a bride that matched her husband to be's kilt! Soo sweet and a pleasure to make!

Me: What's the most important thing about wedding lingerie?
It's that romantic, magic moment of the day that only the couple get to see! It's those embellished, lace, crystals and opulent details that are personal and expressive to the brides own sensuality and sexuality! I love to be a part of that!

Take a look at her gorgeous collections here!
The lovely Miss Jones.
"Celebrate you own unique femininity. Be confident. Be sensual. Be Miss Jones."

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