Friday, 23 September 2011

Wedding Lingerie - Interview with Miss Jones

Personally, finding gorgeous, tasteful, romantic and sensual wedding lingerie is such a task! When it came to my own, I typed "wedding lingerie" and "honeymoon lingerie" into google and was bombarded by lots of tacky, cheap looking white lacy horrid things! I was after something simply beautifully sexy, something that would make me feel special rather than cheap and nasty!
So how happy was I when I came across Bristol based designer
Miss Jones who has her own Wedding Lingerie collection! Whoop! I had to meet her and ask her some important questions over cocktails!
Me: How did you start designing wedding lingerie?
I started 4 years ago in costume design. I made and designed lots of menswear which was quite standard and normal whereas I loved making the more delicate, pretty, girly things such as embroidery and corsets. I also enjoyed the more decorative garments with their different layers of textiles. Then I started making high end garters for brides to be, I loved making them feel like family heirlooms to be, treasures, keepsakes in a box as well as a flash of secret naughtiness!

"It's nice to feel like your creating a moment for someone."

Me: What inspires you about wedding lingerie?
Creating a moment for a couple, something they'll never forget! Helping a bride feel comfortable, sexy, sensual and importantly, herself and the confidence that comes with that.
Me: What were your inspirations for for the Bridal collections?
For Rosalind I was inspired by vintage fabrics, lace, English romance, opulent gold and the beauty of the English rose.
The Scarlet collection is not part of the classic Bridal range but is perfect for sensual wedding lingerie. Red 100% silk, it becomes like skin, warm and gorgeous to touch, which of course is very important.

"Often when designing I'm thinking how the garment comes off!"Red and pink are a fabulously romantic mix, they create a beautiful rose effect but its very important to get the right red, deep and bright. Red lace can look cheap if not the right shade, I get mine from Paris, its fabulous!
Me: What's your favorite piece in the collection?
I love the pasties. (nipple tassels) they are sweet, cheeky, an unexpected surprise! Not every bride wants to be traditional in her choices so these are a lot of fun!

Me: What tips do you have when it comes to choosing the perfect lingerie?
Think about the daytime and all the things you'll be doing so think supportive, a good foundation which is affective with dress. Don't leave the decision to the last minute, feel comfortable but controlled. For the night time think of it as a different mood, go flirty, light and gorgeous. Make the evening a different moment, that "I'm going to change into something more comfortable." Its a one off, never again moment so treasure it!

Me: Is there anything brides should be aware of when trying lingerie on with the dress?
White can show under dresses so flesh coloured underwear is the best way to go.
Invest in a really good strapless bra for under a strapless dresses, keep comfy and confident.
For a larger bust go for jewelled straps, celebrate the fact you need straps and flatter yourself!

Me: How do you think a bride should feel when trying on wedding lingerie?
"They should gasp! Feel beautiful, sexy, sensual, indulgent and opulent."
You should plan when your going to change into your "special" lingerie, look forward to it,
it's your little secret for later and for your partner. That extra surprise will help make the ultimate romantic moment for you to share with your lover.

Me: Do you make things to order?
Yes, the lingerie can be made especially for you, when I'm making something to order I tend to think about the couple as I make it! I can also customise handkerchiefs for men with their initials and date embroidered in the corner. It's the little bespoke details that help to make the day that extra bit special. Also, I made a tartan garter for a bride that matched her husband to be's kilt! Soo sweet and a pleasure to make!

Me: What's the most important thing about wedding lingerie?
It's that romantic, magic moment of the day that only the couple get to see! It's those embellished, lace, crystals and opulent details that are personal and expressive to the brides own sensuality and sexuality! I love to be a part of that!

Take a look at her gorgeous collections here!
The lovely Miss Jones.
"Celebrate you own unique femininity. Be confident. Be sensual. Be Miss Jones."


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