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Interview with... The Little Wedding Helper!

Create a celebration that your guests will remember well after the confetti has blown away.

How lucky are you guys! In this post I’m interviewing the fabulous Kirsten Butler from The Little Wedding Helper to give brides an insight into the importance of a wedding stylist.

I’ll tell you, if I could go back, I’d totally get myself a wedding fairy godmother, which basically is what Kirsten is!

As well as styling weddings she also writes for Perfect Wedding Magazine, Folio & West Weddings as well as arranging regular wedding “Tweet ups” in Bristol. Follow her on twitter for more info.

What is the role of a Wedding Stylist?

I’ve been told by brides’ that having me as their wedding stylist is like having a fairy godmother, trusting me to make their day gorgeous and how they wanted it. I sprinkle lots of inspiration and bring together creative and visual ideas of the reception and venue (and everything in-between!) I help decorate the venue, my experience of making the most of venues from village halls to flash hotels helps make the most of the space. I also offer support, tips and help them to hire things such as props. I take the worry out of the day when it comes to the “look” and help make a memorable wedding for the couple and guests.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Working closely with the couple and getting to know them is a pleasure and honour as it’s such a important day for them and helping them realise their perfect day! There’s nothing like seeing their smiling faces when they see the finished work!

How did you get into wedding styling?

I started as an art teacher, it was my best friends wedding and she asked me

to help with ideas and decorating. We said, “We need a little wedding helper” and it started from there! I loved every minute and my friend said it was such a relief to know that I was putting all the table settings out as we had planned, I was making sure all the detail was there and giving it time and care as she would have liked to herself. It took a lot of pressure off of her shoulders and I thought it would be great to offer that to other brides. I asked a few more friends if they would have liked it when they got married and they all said yes! Anything to help take some pressure off of the day and not have to rely on maybe part time staff at the venue to set everything out perfectly. So I did a few more friends wedding and it went from there! It’s amazing to do what you love and see people’s dreams come true.

Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from the happy couple, from hobbies and jobs to where they met and I turn them into ideas for decorating, table settings and favors and its these details that will help make their big day completely unique to them. It’s all about being bespoke, unique, original and true to the couple.

Are you there on the big day?

I’m there first thing in the morning, but the couple usually don’t see me on the day as I’m in the background making sure everything looks perfect. I do tend to peep out to see the happy couples face as they walk in the venue though!

How soon should a couple think about hiring a wedding stylist?

As soon as they book the venue. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what will get swallowed up in a large room, for example flower arrangements or colours and I’ve got experience that helps take away that worry. I’ll go visit a venue with the couple as well as having consultations and emails. I am a little wedding helper!

What trends do you see coming up?

I don’t really take notice of trends in magazines; I take my inspiration from the couple and go from there. Styles that I tend to come back to are all things vintage, personal and things that tell a story like vintage black and white photographs.

What’s your favorite?

One thing I’m really enjoying working with at the moment are doilies, lace and wild garden flowers. I think the royal wedding has a lot to do with it but it seems things that are brand new and shiny are not as popular as sentimental objects such as vintage suitcases, typewriters and books. A few choice props such as an old writing desk for your guest book, can not only look fabulous but also change a wedding into a truly original affair.

Photo from Frances Taylor Photography

What’s your dream wedding styling?

I LOVE working with village halls and old buildings as they have such personality and potential. Marquees are also great fun as they are basically a blank canvas so you can be as creative as you like. Also you don’t have to work with swirly carpets!

What tips can you give to brides to be?

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, if your not sure on a theme or style tear out pictures from magazines that you like and a colour or shape should emerge for you to work with. Try not to do everything yourself, just because you don’t bake your own cake, make your own dress and grow your flowers doesn’t mean that the wedding wont be as special or beautiful. Plan and delegate as much as possible so it’s not too hectic come the big day. Research your suppliers, get the best deals you can and of course work with the Little Wedding Helper!

To take a look at some of gorgeous weddings Kirsten has styled as well as some local suppliers link take a look at her website www.littleweddinghelper.co.uk

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