Friday, 9 September 2011

Garden Party

At the weekend I went to my friends wedding and their reception was held in the grooms parents garden and it was gorgeous and truly magical! It inspired me to look into other garden wedding ideas and heres some just for you!

I LOVE this almost tree house approach to the tables! How romantic, whimsical and magical!

My friend had put fairy lights up so when we strolled back to our car we could see where we were going, sooo cute and thoughtful.

I love how these could have been picked from the garden that morning. My morning bouquet was picked by my hubby in the morning and he sent them over to my sister, it was a gorgeous, sweet idea. I felt like a little girl getting her first flower from her admirer, expept I was 24!

Garden weddings can also be very dramatic when a few key props are added in a quirky way! Great to wow your guests.
This is like a deam! The reflection from the ground makes it magical!


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