Thursday, 27 October 2011

Popping the BIG Question!

When and how to pop the big question is a huge deal to a lot of us.
What ring to get, will if fit, is there a way to sneaky find out their ring size without them getting suspicious!
Also the matter of tradition, should the guy always ask?
I'm not one for tradition myself and had been, let's just say very keen on getting married to Jonathan for quite some time but when he proposed to me on my birthday at the beautiful Hampton Court it was a big shock! I was shocked that he actually wanted to marry me and that he finally asked!
My sister and her boyfriend came along for the day and we were taking pictures by the fountain, pretending to be in a issue of Vogue in the 1960's when Jonathan asked if we could have our picture took and this is what happened!

It was very unexpected and I was in sooooo much shock. When he said those words, "will you marry me" I started crying and he thought I was going to say no! How silly!
It was really nice to have my sister there too as she had no idea of what was happening and it was great to have the moment in photographs to keep for ever!

So here's some amazing and inspiring ways to pop the question!

Got a good proposal story? I'd love to hear it!

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