Friday, 14 October 2011

When You Wish Upon A Star...Guest post by Fit For a Queen

Here at I Love Crafty Weddings we like to delve into every aspect of a brides wedding dreams so here's some fairytale ideas from the lovely Fit for a Queen events planning.

Remember when you used to dream of a wedding that Cinderella would be proud of? Or those amazing dresses your Barbie used to wear when you arranged her wedding to Ken? Well now you really can make those dreams a reality!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found out that both Disney and Barbie now do bridal ranges! I was actually searching for an unusual princess style dress for one of my best friends weddings, when I came across these delightful dresses, that are both stylish (in their own right!) and incredibly fun!!

Cinderella Wedding Dress by Disney
This got me thinking... How far would you be able to go to get the fairytale wedding we all dreamed of as little girls? Well, it seems we can now have everything we’ve ever dreamed of! Disney not only offer beautiful gowns and jewellery in the style of your favourite Disney Princess, but you can also have your nuptials in Disneyland Paris, Disneyworld Florida, or on a Disney Cruise... And yes that means it’s completely possible to have your wedding at the foot of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle! Alternatively you can have a beautiful service in one of their other gorgeous venues.

If you prefer something more quirky then the Barbie Bridal range is definitely for you!! In a range of soft, pastel hues, or the striking pink and black you instantly associate with Barbie, these dresses are the most eye-catching I’ve ever seen! There’s even a range of Grooms Wear so that you and your very own Ken can have the perfect matching wedding outfits!

Barbie Wedding Dress Range
And why stop at princess gowns? With sparkles, ruffles, lace, and feathered accessories being so easily available nowadays, you can turn almost any venue into a palace that would impress any princess! Castles and stately homes are the obvious choice for this theme, however, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be possible to turn a grand hotel, or beautiful park setting into gorgeous surroundings for you to start your very own Happily Ever After.

There are also hundreds of options when it comes to choosing your cake. From soft pinks and creams, vibrant yellows, and candied colours, to rich chocolates, almost any flavour, colour, or design, can be incorporated into your wedding cake. With the current trends leaning towards cupcakes, there are also lots of other tasty treats to consider, such as macaroons and truffles, as well as the traditional tiered cake, which can be designed to match your wedding colour and theme.

After all, you’re supposed to be The Fairest of Them All on your wedding day!!

To look at move lovely ideas like this take a look at Fit for a Queen Events Planning.

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